Early years transitions

We have created a series of leaflets to provide supporting information on the transitions for children in Early Years.

Transition from Home into Preschool

Transitions between settings, rooms and key people

Transition from Preschool setting to School

Transition from EYFS to Year 1

Further information and support is available in the SENco Toolkit (pdf 18.1mb).

Deferring a school place

My child has been offered a full time place in Reception Year at School do I have to take this up straight away?
From September 2011 parents of children starting school will be offered a fulltime place. Parents wishing to defer entry or requesting part-time entry should speak to the headteacher at the school

What is a deferred entry?
Deferred entry is where a parent has decided to delay their child’s admission to school, however the date should be agreed with the chosen school and the child must attend school before the compulsory age.

What is the compulsory age for a child to start school?
It is compulsory that a child attends school from the first term after the child’s fifth birthday.

How can I find out dates of enrolment and admission for my child to start school?
Visit school admissions.

Who can I discuss the best choice for my child and contact to decide on the best school start date for my child?
Your child’s future headteacher will be able to offer more detailed advice and guidance on the best way forward for your child’s education. To find details of your local school search the Norfolk SchoolFinder. Your early years provider will also be able to help you make an informed decision by giving you supporting information on your child’s progression. 

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