Learning to write

Learning to write is an important developmental milestone. Some children are fascinated by crayons, pencils and paper, but they are not a favourite with all children.

Offering experiences to make marks in a variety of ways, encourages the development of early writing skills. For example, crayons and pens, paint and brushes, or even using a finger to draw on a steamed up window or mirror. 

Going outside gives children the chance to make marks on a larger scale. This is very helpful in developing the skills which will be needed later for writing. A simple way to do this is to give your child a pot of water and a big paint brush. Let them make marks on the ground, fence or wall. They can paint with water outside as much as they like, there’s little to clear up and it’s exciting to see how magically the marks will just disappear.

Early years professionals help children get ready for writing by offering activities which strengthen muscles in the fingers, hands and arms. You could try activities such as:

  • Using pegs to hang out washing
  • Playing with dough
  • Climbing
  • Using a smart screen
  • Threading beads
  • Throwing a ball

All these activities will help strengthen muscles and develop hand-eye coordination. 

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