Communication and language information

Children need adults to nurture, demonstrate and support communication and language development. You don’t need to set aside special times to talk to your baby or toddler. Experiences you share throughout the day such as mealtimes, bath time and nappy changing time give you the perfect opportunity to talk about what is happening, and for your child to learn new words.

The Talking Point and ICAN websites provide information for parents and carers around how they can help develop their child’s communication and language skills. Please do remember all children develop at different rates but the content will provide you with a good guide.

The video clips below feature parents talking about how they interact and encourage their child’s language and communication during every day daily life experiences at various ages and stages.

Tommy - 9 months
Olivia - 2 years old
Giselle and Veronica and their 3-year-olds
Mia and Sofia - 2 & a half and 4 & a half
Ella - 4 years old
Top Tips for Early Years Practitioners


If you are concerned about your child’s communication and language development first speak to your child’s health visitor via the healthy child team on 0300 300 0123, preschool, nursery, childminder, or local Children's Centre. If you continue to be concerned take a look at East Coast Community Health Care information.

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