Transition bag for parents of children starting nursery



Traquinas Childcare

Target audience

Our parents of the new children starting our Nursery.

Details of project

We recognise the anxiety parents often have when leaving their children in Nursery for the first time. It can often be the first time parents and children have been separated for a period of time.

We developed a little bag of resources to support parents/carers emotional well-being during the initial transition from home into nursery.

Gifting the bag to parents on the first day they bring their child into our Nursery provides us with the opportunity to talk to each parent in order to reassure them and acknowledge what a big step this is. We can then begin to get to know them and in turn hopefully start to develop a trusting relationship.

We also believe that if their child sees them leave the building happy it will aid their child to settle faster within our setting.

Each bag contains a lovely rhyme that is written as if from the child they have brought to nursery, along with the items described in the rhyme.

Included is: a tea bag to make a cup of tea with when they get home; a chocolate biscuit to eat, a packet of tissues, in case they feel the need to shed a tear; and a card with the settings contact details, which we share with the parents before they leave and reassure them that we will ring them if needed or, if they wish they are more than welcome to ring us to see how their child is settling.


The bag has provided us with a good way to engage with our parents from the earliest opportunity and start the building blocks towards the excellent parent and setting relationship we strive to create and achieve in our setting.

We believe this has helped our new parents to feel valued and supported on what is for many parents a difficult day.

What next/further information

Our transition bags for parents have proved to be successful and we shall continue to provide this service to our parents because it shows we understand them and value the whole family at Traquinas.

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