Why is working together important?

Engaging parents is one of the requirements of the Statutory Guidance of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) March 2014. In its overriding principles the guidance stresses the importance of good parenting and high quality early learning as key to later success, and there is a huge amount of evidence-based research that supports this. The EYFS guidance specifically highlights the role of the key person (paragraph 1.10) in supporting parents in guiding their child's development at home.

Within Norfolk, Ofsted are challenging how effectively settings engage with their families. Home learning and parental engagement is a priority theme that we are seeing in recent Ofsted feedback from our local providers.

This section of the website is being developed to aid practitioners working in Early Years to promote the importance of children having opportunities to learn at home with their families.  We welcome your ideas for further information in this section and would love to hear more about the work you're doing in your settings together with parents. Please email fis@norfolk.gov.uk with any further thoughts.

Ofsted examples of good practice

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What to expect when

“What to expect when" is a document produced by 4Children.  This has been developed to offer guidance for parents as well as practitioners working with parents.  Every other page is entitled "How can you help me with my learning?", broken down into broad developmental stages and provides some useful ideas about everyday small things which adults can do to enhance a child's learning.

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