Care leavers 21-25

Are you:

  • A Norfolk care leaver?
  • Aged between 21 and 25?
  • Thinking of returning to learning?

If you are all of the above, you could get support from us to return to learning.

Even if you haven’t decided what course or training you’d like to do you can still ask for our support.

How to apply

The first thing you will need to do is complete a self-assessment form.

Once complete send us your self-assessment using our upload form.

What happens next

Once we receive your self-assessment form a personal advisor will arrange to meet you. It may take more than one meeting to gather the information we need to decide if we will be able to support you. Other important people in your life, such as your partner and/or previous carers, may also be involved in these meetings.

Once the personal advisor has all the information they need this will be recorded in a needs assessment document along with the initial decision about whether we will re-open your case.

We will tell you what we have decided within ten weeks of the date on the self-assessment form we receive from you.

The pathway plan

If we agree to re-open your case then the personal advisor will complete an initial pathway plan with you. The personal advisor will meet up with you regularly and review your pathway plan on at least a six-monthly basis.

Attendance on courses/apprenticeships will be reviewed at least every two months. This is one way we will make sure that you are doing what you agreed to do in your pathway plan.

If you are not, then we may decide to stop supporting you although the pathway plan should include a ‘contingency’ should this happen.

What happens if you aren’t eligible for support

If we decide not to support you we will put this in writing and our letter will include information about how you can appeal against our decision.

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