What does a foster carer do?

Foster carers are the people who will care for you, whilst you are in foster care. They will look after you until you are 18. Sometimes they will look after you when you are older that this, if you and they agree.

Foster carers are trained. They go through a long checking system to make sure:

  • Their home is suitable
  • They can provide you with a safe and happy place to live

Foster carers will:

  • Support you with all parts of your life. For example, your health, school, relationships and many other things
  • Support and encourage you to try new activities
  • Help you learn all the skills you need to be a happy, confident adult, who is able to live independently. Skills include things like cooking, budgeting and being safe.

Sometimes, young people will change foster carers during their time in care. We try to make sure this doesn’t happen or happens as little as possible.