Education and health care plan (EHCP)

An education and health care (EHC) plan is a legal document. It describes a child or young person's special educational, health and social care needs. An EHC plan can be issued to a child or young person between the ages of 0-25 years. It is reviewed every year.

Who needs an education, health and care plan?

EHC plans are for children and young people who have special educational needs. You need more help than what is normally provided in a mainstream school or college. The plan can include health or social care needs. However you would only get a EHC plan if your health and social care needs affect your education.

The whole plan is aimed at making sure you get the right help at the right time, so you can achieve your goals.

How you are involved

You will be asked to take part in writing your EHC plan. It will include things like:

  • What your life goals are. This could be work, education or anything else you would like to achieve
  • How you like to communicate with people
  • Friendships and relationships that are important to you

Your social worker, health worker and school will write down:

  • What they feel you need to help you achieve your goals
  • Who will support you

If you have an EHC plan

If you have an EHC plan, take a look at these activities for children and young people with SEND.