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Family support process

When you first speak to a professional, they will:

  • Talk to you about the family support process and how we can help you
  • Ask if you will complete an early help family support form (an assessment)
  • Talk about information sharing and consent. We will explain what we will do with information

A number of different professionals and organisations – for example, your child’s school, your GP or maybe a housing officer - could be involved in the family support process.  Who is involved depends on the difficulties you are facing.

Early help assessment

An early help assessment can be completed by any professional.  They can be from any service, who is working with you or your child, for example your child's school or a housing officer.  The assessment will:

  • Consider everyone in the family.  The professional will get everyone's views, including children and young people.
  • Understand what is working well at the moment and what is not working so well
  • Be a chance to gather together all the information about your current situation.  This is helpful as it means you do not have to repeat yourself to different organisations.  Everyone can work to one plan.

After an early help assessment, you will be asked to go to family support process meetings.

Family support process meetings and plans

All the professionals involved in helping you, will meet and work together with you to help achieve the goals on a plan.  The plan and goals are based on what was discussed in the early help assessment. It will be used by the professionals working with you.  It ensures everyone knows what they are doing, to stop things getting worse.

The professionals who are working on your plan will meet with you and your family regularly.  They will discuss how they can help support you and ensure your family’s needs are being met.

Once all of the goals on the plan are achieved, your family support plan will end.  If new needs arrive in the future, your network of professionals can start the process again.

Request early help and family support

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