The SEND Advisory Team

“We aim to work in partnership with other professionals to ensure that the needs of children and young people with SEND are being met.”

We are part of the Education Inclusion Service which has an overarching aim to:

“ensure that children and young people experience good educational outcomes and that they, and their families, do so within welcoming and inclusive educational provision across early years, school and post-16 education providers.”

The purpose of the SEND Advisory Team

The SEND Advisory Team is the champion for children and young people with SEND in Norfolk maintained schools and academies.

We are responsible for providing SEND advice, challenge, guidance and support to educational providers in accordance with current SEND legislation.

Support is offered through the cluster model with each SEND Adviser taking responsibility for a caseload of clusters.

The Early Years Inclusion Advisors work with Early Years providers including private, voluntary, independent settings, maintained nurseries and childminders.

Who is in the SEN Advisory Team? 

SEND Advisers

Jenny Mitchell, Senior SEND Advisor – City and South Cluster Groups
Tel: 01603 303343 or 07909 534671

Steph Askew, SEND Advisor – North, East and Broadland Cluster Groups
Tel: 01603 307761 or 07760 171679

Andrew Severn, SEND Advisor – West and Breckland Cluster Groups
Tel: 01603 307768 or 07584 263004

Based at Norwich Professional Development Centre, 144 Woodside Rd., Norwich, NR7 9QA

Karen Leggett, Early Years Inclusion Lead
Tel: 01603 222900 or 01603 222300

Based at Early Years and Child Care, Woodside Centre, Whittard Road, Norwich, NR7 9XD

The Early Years Inclusion Lead is supported by a team of Early Years Inclusion Advisors:

  • Jill Brooks, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Jean Chaston, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Caroline Eaton, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Chris Elsby, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Anita Fortes, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Theresa Greenwood Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Ian Hollis, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Diane Naylor, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Barbara Peterkin, Early Years Inclusion Advisor
  • Debbie Roberts, Early Years Inclusion Advisor