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Your Voice forum

We want to meet and talk to children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), to get their views about the SEND Local Offer. We want to hear what you think about the services and support that is available for children and young people with SEND in Norfolk.

Nothing is out of bounds. We want your views about organisations, services and support across:

  • Education
  • Getting a job
  • Keeping healthy
  • Being independent
  • Enjoying good social and leisure activities
  • Finding somewhere to live

We understand that it is not always easy for children and young people with SEND to meet with us. This is because you are often at school, college, work or busy doing other activities like volunteering. We also know that depending on where you live in Norfolk, your experience of services might be different. Because of this we need to make sure that we hear the voices of as many children and young people as possible. This means that we want to hear from children and young people from different age groups and areas across Norfolk.

How does the Your Voice forum work?

We work with one group of children and young people with SEND each term. We will have two meetings with you.

What happens at the first meeting?

At the first meeting, we ask you two or three questions, and then listen to the answers you give. This is you letting your voice be heard.

What do we do with your feedback?

We then have to decide what changes we are able to make based on your views.

  • Sometimes we can work quickly to make changes based on what you tell us
  • At other times, it might take longer to get things developed
  • Sometimes we are unable to change things because an idea would not work on the internet properly

What happens at the second meeting?

At the second meeting, we will show you the changes we have made to the Local Offer for children and young people based on what you said.

We want you to know that:

  • Your voice is important to us
  • ‘We did’ change things because of your feedback

How can you get involved?

If you want us to come to your school, college or another venue to be involved in the Your Voice forum, please email

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