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Norfolk Register of Disabled Children and Young People

This Register of Disabled Children is a separate part of the main database that holds details of all children known to Norfolk County Council through schools, early years settings and other services.

Like all local authorities in England, Norfolk County Council is obliged by law to keep a register of disabled children and young people living in their area. This helps us to make better decisions when we are planning and developing services for all families and children. The Register also acts as a mailing list so we can send families useful information as appropriate. Although we must keep a Register, whether you register a child or young person is up to you. 

Young people

Are you are 16 or 17 with additional needs? You can join the Norfolk Register of Disabled Young People by completing the young people’s online registration form.


You can register your child by completing the parents’ online registration form or request a registration pack from the Keeper of the CWD Register by emailing

Anyone aged 0 to 17 years old whose disability or special need has an effect on their daily lives or might affect their development can register.  Generally you should consider registering if the child or young person needs more care and supervision at home, school or college than someone of a similar age because they have:

  • A physical disability
  • A learning disability
  • A sensory or communication impairment
  • Behaviour related to a disability that causes serious problems at home or at school
  • Complex health needs
  • Any other disabling condition which needs treatment over a long period of time

If you would like to continue to receive the newsletters and other information the young person can remain registered until their 25th birthday.

Everyone on the Register will benefit from:

  • Occasional service and event updates
  • Information aimed at young people with disabilities
  • Opportunities to have your say about the services that are important to you
  • The knowledge that your anonymous statistical data is helping us to plan and improve services

Please note that registration does not give you an automatic entitlement to any particular service.

Once we receive your form the details will be entered on the secure register database.  You will then be added to our mailing list for useful information.  We will send you a letter to confirm your registration.

Each child or young person is registered individually either online or on registration forms available from the Register Keeper.

If there is anything on the form that you are unsure about, you can get help by calling the Register Keeper (01603 692455) or you can ask another worker that you have contact with to help you.  For example, your community nurse, social worker, or health visitor or the staff at school or college, your local children’s centre or specialist support group.

We keep information on a secure computer database under the terms of the Data Protection Act.  The information you give us will only be seen by a small number of staff members in the Children with Disabilities Service, who enter the details on the database and make appropriate use of the mailing list.  A small number of approved technical staff access our main database to maintain it and keep it secure.

We will contact you every two years to check that your details are up to date.  In the meantime if you need to change your contact details, or have other important changes to tell us, contact the Register Keeper.  You can contact them by calling 01603 692455 or by email to

For anonymous statistics only unless you tick the box to share details with transition services. Your address is used by us to contact you and send you other relevant information.

The Norfolk Children with Disabilities Service has a dedicated Register Keeper who can help answer any questions you may have. You can contact them by calling 01603 692455 or by email to

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