Personalised Travel Payment pilot

What is it?

The Personalised Travel Payment (PTP) pilot is a scheme open to families with a child who has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND), giving the family the flexibility to make their own travel arrangements to get their child to and from school.

This is an alternative to other local authority provided transport such as a taxi or a minibus.

The PTP is only available to children who are eligible for specialist transport, rather than those who travel by bus or train.

During the pilot the County Council are looking for approximately 200 interested families who have a child eligible for specialist transport.

For the pilot we would like to ensure a representative sample of families in a range of individual circumstances. For example children who:

  • Are on shared travel arrangements
  • Travel in the taxi on their own
  • Require a passenger assistant
  • Do not require a passenger assistant

We will also be looking for a range of different travel distances and types of school or settings.

The PTP is individually calculated using consistently applied criteria based on distance (measured using the council’s measuring software) and your child’s needs. 

  • Increased flexibility for families
  • Not constrained by the taxi or mini bus pick up/drop off time
  • Your child or young person could attend after-school events and extra-curricular activities
  • Parents and carers could consider shared travel arrangements with another family or within their own family and friends
  • Parents and carers or family members can spend more time with their child
  • Families may feel more involved or included in their school community, for example, at the start and end of the school day, speaking with other parents and carers and school staff
  • Peace of mind - you know your child’s needs best and can support them so they arrive at school ready to learn
  • Less time travelling to and from school for those on shared travel arrangements

This will be depend on your own family income and what benefits you are in receipt of. Should you need to check your own individual circumstances the Local Offer website has a page for Organisations offering money advice or contact the HMRC helpline.

If you are unable to get your child to or from school, then it is important for you to have organised contingency arrangements. By enrolling on the pilot, you accept sole responsibility for getting your child to school. Norfolk County Council will not provide alternative transport in any circumstance.

The payment also has an amount built in for contingency planning, so that families can make alternative arrangements, should the need arise. For example, paying for a taxi if you are unable to take your child to and from school on any given day.

Attendance is an important measure for the PTP pilot - If we find that your child’s attendance is suffering as a result of transport issues, we will review your participation in the scheme.

If you are interested in applying to this pilot or require further information, please email  with “Personalised Travel Payment” as the subject title. Please supply the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Relationship to child
  • Your child’s full name
  • The child’s date of birth
  • Your child’s current school
  • The current transport arrangements for your child’s home to school travel
  • Your full postal address
  • What is your preferred method of contact (your telephone number and/or email address)

The PTP is completely optional.  If you find that your situation has changed and you are struggling to keep up your commitment to transport your child every day, or that the scheme just isn’t right for you, then you can opt out at any time.

However, we would ask you to tell us about your issues before you decide to opt out because we may be able to help you find a solution.  We would appreciate it if you could let us know of your decision at least 10 working days before you hope to leave the scheme.

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