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Behaviour difficulties

Supporting children and young people who have social or emotional difficulties

“We want every parent to have the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to successfully bring up their children.”

Sometimes it can be tough being a parent and from time to time you may feel that you and your family need more support. 

On this page you will find a range of information about different services which are available to help parents/carers and schools to support children and young people who have emotional and social difficulties which are affecting their behaviour.

Early help is about working with children, young people and their families to offer the right support at an early stage before a small need becomes a bigger one.  The goal of early help is to support families to resolve their own problems and prevent further problems in the future.

The first step is to work out what is going okay and which areas you and your family might like some support with.  If you agree, your worker will use a family support form to gather the right information to share with others who can help. 

A team, including you and your family, will then decide the best way to help, and will work with you to put together a plan of action to make things better.

The E-Learning Service can help if a child or young person is out of school due to:

  • Refusal
  • Anxiety
  • Unacceptable behaviour in class
  • Special needs such as Asperger syndrome
  • Depression
  • Long-term illness
  • Family reasons such as travelling

Lessons are set individually by specialist teachers on-line which can be done any time of the day or night from anywhere with an internet connection.  E-learning allows a child or young person to continue to achieve despite being absent from school.

Norfolk Steps also provides training and consultancy to schools and services to support a therapeutic ethos, early intervention and professional response to complex, challenging or high risk behaviours. 

There are lots of different parenting programmes on offer at various locations throughout the calendar year.  Look out for what's coming up soon in Support events.

If you are interested in finding a support group, why not take a look at groups and organisations offering help, where you can learn about support groups as well as organisations offering help, information and advice.

Parent support advisers (PSAs) are employed by a school or group of schools.  Their role includes providing information to parents about the school and local services which may be of help, including those provided by education, social care, youth justice, childcare providers and the voluntary sector.

PSAs help parents and carers to get involved in their children’s learning and can help to build working relationships between home and school.  This often helps with behaviour and attendance issues.

PATHS is a whole school, evidenced based, social and emotional programme for all pupils aged 5-11.  It is proven to be successful in enhancing the social competence and social understanding of children as well as facilitating educational processes in the classroom. 

Over 100 Norfolk schools have already implemented the PATHS programme and experienced significant positive differences in pupils’ social and emotional competence, pro-social skills and concentration and attention.

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