Members of Parliament (MPs)

Your Member of Parliament (MP) is there to speak up for people in your area. They do this by making sure that your views and opinions are known when new laws are being made and by checking what the government is doing. You help select your local Member of Parliament (MP) by voting for them in elections.

How can your Member of Parliament (MP) help you?

Part of your Member of Parliament's (MP’s) job is to help people in your area with problems. The Member of Parliament (MP) could do this by:

  • Writing to someone about your problem for you
  • Asking the government for help
  • Supporting you to change something

Problems your Member of Parliament (MP) can help with:

  • NHS health services like hospitals and doctors
  • Tax and National Insurance. This is money you pay to the government when you work
  • Benefits. This is money you may get like Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Income Support
  • Big problems with schools. For example, schools closing down


Your Member of Parliament (MP) is not the best person to help with things like:

  • Problems with neighbours
  • Problems with your employers (these are the people you work for)
  • Family problems
  • Problems with landlords (these are people you rent a home from)

Before asking your Member of Parliament (MP) for help, you should try to solve the problem yourself.


Who is your Member of Parliament (MP)?

You can find out who your local Member of Parliament (MP) is by:

  • Asking at your local library or town hall
  • Call the Member of Parliament's (MP’s) information line: 020 7219 4272
  • Visit the findyourmp website. You will need to know your postcode to search for your Member of Parliament (MP)

How to get in touch with your Member of Parliament (MP):

  • Write to them at this address:

House of Commons

You will need to write your Member of Parliament's (MP’s) name at the top of the address.

  • Phone them on 020 7219 3000 and ask to be put through to the office of your Member of Parliament (MP)

  • Email them. Many Member of Parliaments (MPs) have an email address. It should be on their website or you can phone the Member of Parliament (MP) information line on 020 7219 4272 to find out

  • Go to see them. You may be able to talk to your Member of Parliament (MP) face-to-face. Find out when you can do this by:
  • Asking at your local library
  • Looking on your Member of Parliament's (MP’s) website
  • Phoning your Member of Parliament's (MP’s) office