Childcare advice and guidance

Many families with children with disabilities will not require specialist early years provision because they will be sufficiently supported using universal services – these are services which are used by all children and families.

Access to good-quality early education and childcare helps children to learn, develop and play alongside other children.  Choosing the right childcare for your child early in their life can mean they have the right level of support to help them reach their potential throughout their childhood and beyond.

Types of childcare

Once you have decided what type of childcare is right for you, you can search the 'Childcare and out of school activities' category of the online Norfolk Directory to see what's available in your area contact the Norfolk Family Information Service.  The Norfolk Directory includes a list of every Ofsted registered childcare provider in the county including pre-schools, day nurseries, nursery schools, childminders and home childcarers.

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