Post-16 independent providers

View the complete Section 41 list of EFA approved independent specialist providers.

This EFA provision can only be funded by the local authority if there is clear evidence that there is no provision locally (within an hour’s travelling distance) which can offer a place. An application to the local authority would have to be made for this specialist provision and agreement to fund will only be made if there is no local offer. It is essential to always look for and explore all local options before considering specialist provision.

The following Post-16 Independent Specialist Providers are those most commonly used by Norfolk County Council in recent years.

Queen Alexandra College

Postcode: B17 9TG
Age Range: 16+
Specialism: Working with a wide range of disabilities including visual impairment and autism
Queen Alexandra College website
Link to Ofsted

Royal College Manchester (Seashell Trust)

Postcode: SK8 6RQ
Age Range: 19 - 25
Specialism: Adults with complex learning and communication difficulties
Seashell Trust website
Link to Ofsted


Postcode: PE7 8JB
Age Range: 19 - 60
Specialism: Multi or single sensory impairment with profound learning difficulties and/or disabilities.
Sense College operates from seven resource centre sites located at Peterborough, Louth, Dereham, Spalding, Bourne, Rothwell, and Knapwell
Sense website
Link to Ofsted

Treloar College

Postcode: GU34 4GL
Age Range: 16 - 25
Specialism: Students with complex physical disabilities
Treloar College website
Link to Ofsted

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