SEN support in post-16 learning

What is SEN support?

Teachers are skilled at adapting their teaching to meet the needs of different children and young people.

SEN support is additional, person-centred, targeted and specialist support.  It is for people who will benefit from extra help.

SEN support must be specially designed to meet your needs and could include:

  • Movement breaks
  • Assistive technology
  • Small-group activities
  • Extra time to finish tasks
  • Sitting somewhere different
  • Having a ‘buddy’ for support
  • Recording lessons instead of writing
  • Using pictures to help explain things

SEN support works best when there is good communication between you, your parents / carers and your teachers.

Post-16 should prepare you for adulthood

Everyone should be working together to help you to prepare for adulthood.  This means that your post-16 learning should have some focus on helping you to move towards:

  • Getting a job
  • Finding somewhere to live
  • Being part of your community
  • Looking after your health

How can I find out what SEN support I can get post-16?

All education providers should set out their SEN support on their website.  They should make it easy for you to find. Look for SEN Local Offer, SEN Information Report or Additional Learning Support or Student Support.

If it is a school sixth form, you could either search their website or use Norfolk Schoolfinder to get a direct link to their SEND Offer.

Here are the links to the SEN support offered by our colleges in Norfolk:

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