Access through technology team

What are their roles?

ATT are a team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants who work across the county, providing assessment, equipment, advice, support and training for children, schools and parents/carers of children who benefit from using communication technology to communicate and to learn.

They work closely with occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and sensory support teachers in whatever combination is appropriate for the individual child.

Is this service for my child?

They support children who have severe and complex communication difficulties who are currently involved with at least one health professional eg an occupational therapist.

  • To be referred the child or young person should be within the age range 4-19
  • Be experiencing significant and complex developmental, communication, physical or behavioural disabilities or a combination of these
  • They are likely to have a Statement of Special Educational Needs/Education, Health and Care plan but they do not need to have one

If the child being referred is under the age of four, the referring professional should discuss the case with ATT before submitting a referral.

Who do they work for?

The ATT team is part of children’s services at the County Council.

Contact the ATT team

If you would like to discuss support from this service, speak to the school SENCO in the first instance. Parents can seek advice on referral from Helen Hards; email or call 01603 505324 / 07748 623039.

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