Disability employment adviser

What is the role of a disability employment adviser?

Disability employment advisers (DEAs) can give you help and support regardless of your situation.  They can help you find work or gain new skills even if you have been out of work for a long time, or if you have little or no work experience.

Your disability employment adviser can offer you:

  • An employment assessment to identify what type of work or training suits you best
  • A referral, where appropriate, to a Pathways to Work personal adviser
  • A referral, where appropriate, to a work programme for disabled people, like Work Choice or Access to Work
  • A referral, if needed, to an Work Psychologist for a more detailed employment assessment to identify the best work or training for you
  • A job-matching and referral service - the DEA can let you know about jobs that match your experience and skills
  • Information on employers in your area who have adopted the 'two ticks' disability symbol

Who do they work for?

Your local Jobcentre can put you in touch with one of their disability employment advisers.

Who is this service for?

Disability employment advisers are there to help anyone who has a disability to find and get a job.

Contact your local Jobcentre Plus

You can find your local Jobcentre Plus and how to get in touch with them on the Directgov website.