What is the role of an E-teacher?

An e-teacher works for the E-Learning Service. The e-teacher is a specialist subject teacher who sets lessons online and holds web-tutorials for children and young people who cannot work in mainstream class because of illness, injury, refusal, pregnancy, exclusion etc.

Who do they work for?

E-teachers are employed by the E-Learning Service which is a trusted supplier of Educator Solutions – a Norfolk County Council trading enterprise. 

Is this service for my child?

Any child or young person who is out of school might be able to benefit from this service because it allows them to continue learning despite being out of school and because lessons can be set to fit in with the student’s school exam board and syllabus and the ability of the student. This type of provision suits some students better than others; because lessons can be done at any time and on any day, students will need to be motivated to complete them or to have support in the home or school to do so.

How can/should I contact them?

The E-Learning Service manager can be contacted at jackie.thompson@e-learningservice.com or on 07917839006.

Visit the E-Learning Service for more information. 

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