Exclusions officer

What is the role of an exclusions officer?

The exclusions officer is the lead professional providing advice and challenge to headteachers, school staff, governors and colleagues in relation to the statutory framework for exclusions. If required they also provide advice on the legal process to parents of a child who has been excluded.

The exclusions officer represents the local authority at Governors Discipline Hearings, Independent Review Panels and courts in line with The School Discipline (Pupil Exclusions and reviews) (England) Regulations 2012, to ensure that the local authority is discharging its statutory duties in relation to exclusions.

They are the main point of local authority contact on exclusions hearings.

Who do they work for?

The exclusions officer is employed by Norfolk children’s services.

Is this service for my child?

A parent whose child has been excluded can contact the exclusions officer for advice on the legal process.

How can I contact them?

More information on Norfolk’s attendance and exclusions service can be found at Exclusions.

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