Parent support adviser

What is the role of a parent support adviser?

Parent support advisers (PSAs) are employed by a school or group of schools. They provide information and support to parents/carers of a child at the school(s). Their role includes providing information to parents about the school and local services which may be of help, including those provided by education, social care, youth justice, childcare providers and the voluntary sector.

PSAs help parents and carers to get involved in their children’s learning and can help to build working relationships between home and school. This often helps with behaviour and attendance issues. They also work closely with other services involved with families and may take part in a family support process.

Who do they work for?

This is someone employed by a school or group of schools to support families whose children attend the school(s). Not all schools have a PSA. Some larger schools may have a PSA just for that school.

Contact a parent support adviser

Each school will be different, so it is best to check the exact role of your parent support adviser with your child’s school.

You can find contact details for each school using the County Council’s School Finder.

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