Early years special educational needs coordinator (SENCO)

What is the role of a SENCO in an early years setting?

The early years framework requires early years providers to have a designated person to act as special educational needs coordinator (SENCO). In maintained nursery schools this will be a qualified teacher.

The role of the SENCO involves advising and supporting colleagues to adopt a graduated approach with four stages of action: assess, plan, do and review. Early action to help children is very important and settings will work in partnership with parents to establish the support their child needs. This doesn’t necessarily need to be an Education, Health and Care plan but the special educational provision should be matched to the child’s identified special educational needs.

Contact an early years SENCO

If you think your child may have special educational needs or you would like to talk to someone about your child’s development, contact your early years setting and ask to speak to the early years setting SENCO.

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