Specialist teacher

What is the role of a specialist teacher?

Schools and colleges can involve a specialist at any point to advise them on early identification of special educational needs (SEN) and effective support and interventions. A specialist teacher has specific knowledge and advanced skills of teaching and learning/behavioural issues that can arise from additional learning needs or a disability.

A specialist teacher can provide training for teachers, college tutors and other professionals on evidenced-based and effective teaching approaches, appropriate equipment, strategies and interventions to support the child’s or young person’s progress.

A specialist should always be involved when a pupil continues to make little or no progress over a sustained period or where they continue to work at levels substantially below those expected of learners of a similar age. The school or college will set out in their SEN Information Report what support is available from different services and how it may be accessed.

Who do they work for?

Specialist teachers work for different services commissioned by the school or college.

Contact a specialist teacher

Parents/carers cannot request a referral directly. Please speak to your school SENCO or college support team for the procedure on access to specialist teachers.

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