Children's speech and language therapist (or paediatric speech and language therapist)

What is the role of the children’s speech and language therapist?

Speech and language therapists (SLTs) are health professionals, registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Children’s speech and language therapists support children and young people, aged 0-19, who have difficulties with speech production, understanding and using spoken language, and communicating with others.

Therapy aims to support development of the best possible communication skills and environment in light of the child or young person’s difficulties.  For some children and young people this may be using speech and spoken language while other youngsters can most effectively learn to communicate through a range of signs, symbols, and other communication aids.

Speech and language therapists work with a variety of children and young people in a range of settings most appropriate for the child, young person or their family/carers, including clinic, pre-school/nursery, school and the home.

Is the role known by different names in children’s services and adult services?

Speech and language therapists also work in health and social care with the adult population.

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