Norfolk SchoolFinder

Norfolk SchoolFinder can help you find key information about schools quickly, for example their SEN Information Report.

Search using Norfolk SchoolFinder

How it works

Enter a school name, postcode or click on a point on the map of Norfolk to help you to locate either a school or schools within the area.

Schoolfinder screenshot 1

If you click on an area of the map you will see all schools in that area appear on the map.  This is especially useful if you are trying to find a school if you are moving to Norfolk or if you don’t know the name or postcode of the school you are looking for.

You can also bring up a list of schools by searching using a postcode.

Schoolfinder screenshot 2

If you know the name of the school that you are looking for, simply type in the name, as accurately as possible and it should come up.

 SchoolFinder screenshot 3





You can then click on a school and see information about it including:

  • Headteacher / Principal
  • Status and type of school
  • Address, telephone and office email
  • Pupil numbers
  • Ofsted outcome & last inspection
  • SEND Local Offer – a hyperlink to the school’s SEN Information Report
  • Feeder schools
  • Admissions policy
  • Name of school cluster

 SchoolFinder screenshot 4





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