Dyslexia Outreach Service

The Dyslexia Outreach Service works in all key stages, from age 5 - 18, offering a traded service to all schools, including academies, free schools and independent schools. If you have a concern about your child and dyslexia, contact the SENCO in your child's school.

If you would like The Dyslexia Outreach Service to be involved please discuss this with the SENCO who will get in touch with us. Whilst the Dyslexia Outreach Service does not provide direct teaching support for individual pupils, it does work collaboratively with schools, offering advice, support and strategies to staff working with individual pupils or whole school approach dyslexia friendly practices via inset training and qualification courses.

Parent courses and qualification courses

As well as providing a core service to schools, we also offer a number of dyslexia qualification courses open to all. By popular demand we also offer a Dyslexia Awareness for Parents course.
For full information on all the services offered by the Dyslexia Outreach Service, please visit our website www.dyslexiaoutreach.co.uk. Here you will also find a range of useful free resources and information about what dyslexia is, how it can be identified and strategies to help.

Contact the Dyslexia Outreach Service

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