TITAN is a Norfolk County Council scheme that stands for Travel Independence Training Across the Nation.

TITAN has been designed to encourage people with special educational needs and physical disabilities to become safe and independent travellers. We aim to provide all TITAN students with improved life skills, an understanding of safe practices and increased confidence and self-esteem when travelling independently.

TITAN runs two schemes available to schools and post 16 students:

Summer Buddy Service

The TITAN Summer Buddy Service is a Norfolk County Council Travel Training Scheme offered to Post-16 students who require support travelling to and from their chosen educational establishment. The overall aim of the service is to equip students with the necessary skills to help them to confidently use public transport and be able to use this transport to access their educational placement.

Schools Offer

The TITAN school offer is a Norfolk County Council Traffic Light Scheme offered to both Pre-16 and Post-16 students. Students have the opportunity to work towards their Red, Amber and Green Book. The three stages comprise of the tasks below:

Red: The tasks comprise of various indoor and outdoor activities. The first tasks require the student to know their own name, the name of their school/college, age and telephone number. Whereas the final tasks involve accompanied activities that will teach specific pedestrian skills and independence skills in areas such as shopping. Once a student has completed their Red Book, they will be recognised by Norfolk County Council as a “Safe and Independent Pedestrian”.

Amber: The Amber Book tasks are more demanding then the Red. The tasks are still aided by adults but the aim is to introduce and promote further independent work by the individual, this is normally achieved by small group work. These more advanced skills include the use of communication onsite and in the local community, further shopping skills and the use of more advanced pedestrian skills.

Green: The final stage of the TITAN Schools’ Offer. The tasks set in Green require the student to be able to use pedestrian and public transport skills confidently, aided by adults initially, until they become a full independent traveller capable of using public transport unaided.

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