Virtual school for sensory support

The Virtual School Sensory Support (VSSS) works across Norfolk with children and young people, age 0-25 years old, who have a sensory loss and are in education.

Sensory loss includes:

  • Deafness
  • Vision impairment
  • Multi-sensory impairment

We commission the VSSS to provide a service to children and young people with a sensory loss, who are in compulsory education, but not post 16. 

Post 16 providers can commission VSSS, through a service level agreement, to provide support.

What does the VSSS do?

The Virtual School Sensory Support's mission statement is:

'To champion the education of children and young people with a sensory loss, through delivery of comprehensive and flexible support to them and their families to help them develop high aspirations and reach their full potential.'

The VSSS works in homes and educational settings. They work closely with health, specialist speech and language therapists and social care, from diagnosis.

They provide:

  • Assessment of individual needs, eg visual functioning and specialist equipment, as well as statutory assessment, for Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans
  • Advice and support on how to manage sensory loss in different settings, eg home, school and community
  • Training for children, schools/settings and parents/carers, on the impact of sensory loss and strategies to promote inclusion
  • A range of specialist equipment and auxiliary aids to support inclusion.

The VSSS employs a range of professionals to work with children and young people with sensory loss. These include:

There are various school options for children and young people with sensory loss, including specialist resources bases. On occasion children and young people will need to attend an out of county setting.

How to make a referral to the service

The VSSS has an open referral system. Referral guidance and forms can be found on the Virtual School Sensory Support website.

Who does Virtual School Sensory Support work for?

We provide the service.

Contact Virtual School Sensory Support 

Sensory Support Centre
148 Woodside Road


For more information visit the Norfolk Schools website or visit the Virtual School Sensory Support website.

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