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We want all children and young people to have the chance to get actively involved and be a part of their community.

There are lots of activities and things to do in Norfolk for children and young people with SEND as well as many universal activities on offer.   The following links are a useful starting point:

To find specialist short break provision for children and young people with complex needs you need to search the Norfolk Directory using the keyword short breaks and under location, please give your postcode.

Find short breaks in the Norfolk Community Directory

The Equality Act 2010 gives disabled people important rights to access all services.  This means that mainstream services should be accessible, inclusive and effective in meeting the needs of children and young people with disabilities and their families.

The best way to make services more accessible and inclusive for children and young people with disabilities is to educate and support the people running those services, so that they feel more confident in effectively meeting the needs of all.

Momentum is currently developing two new manuals to support youth groups and clubs in their work with young people aged 11-19.

  • Youth kit (how to set up and run a youth group)
  • Activity kit (aimed at all youth groups)

The manuals will include lots of information, practical exercises and resources to help voluntary, community and charitable youth group and clubs to ensure their activities are accessible and inclusive to all young people.  The manuals will be free to download.

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