Short Breaks Team coronavirus update

Since 1 April 2021, all children applying for Short Breaks are able to use a maximum of £250 each year for the purchase of toys and play equipment.

This is on the condition that this is recorded within the non-specified activities section on their Short Breaks plan, and they have a prepaid debit card.

If your child already has a Short Breaks plan, you can request that some of their Short Breaks money is allocated for toys and play equipment at their next review.

What you can spend the £250 for toys and play equipment on

The funds are for toys and play equipment only, but can include tablets, kindles etc. You can’t use the funds to pay for subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or to purchase gift cards.

In certain circumstances, you may be able to add additional funds to your Short Breaks account to enable you to buy an item costing over £250.

If you are unsure about what you can buy or how much you can spend, please contact the Short Breaks team.

Buying toys and play equipment with other funds

You can only use money for toys and equipment if you have a prepaid card, and toys and equipment is recorded on your Short Breaks plan.

If toys and equipment isn’t recorded on your Short Breaks plan, you’ll have the option to add it when your plan is next reviewed.

You can’t use money allocated to your Personal Assistant (PA) to pay for toys and equipment.

Reimbursements and overspending

We can’t reimburse you for items you have already bought - all purchases must be paid for using the prepaid card.

Please upload all receipts to the PFS Bank account, which will be audited regularly.

If you are unable to produce receipts and it’s not clear what you have bought, you may have to pay the funds back into the account.

The maximum spend is £250 within the dates shown on your Short Breaks plan. If you spend over this amount on toys and play equipment, you will be asked to repay the money.

Contact us

Get in touch with the Short Breaks Team for advice at or ring 01603 692455.

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