A guide to multiagency keyworker meetings

What is a multiagency meeting?

Sometimes the professionals involved with a child/young person, along with the family, are called “The Team Around The Child” (TAC). Having a meeting involving members of the Team from all of the organisations/agencies (multiagency) can be a good to way to share information and to make sure that everyone understands what everyone else’s role is. It is a chance to discuss what the priorities or issues are and to think about possible solutions and the next steps for the child. This might include planning for school or nursery, planning for transition to adult services, looking at short breaks choices or it could be a regular opportunity to ensure that the child’s complex needs are being met. The decisions made at the meeting are written up as a Family Service Plan.

 The following outlines how these meetings are organised and run. The first meeting is the planning meeting, which is followed by review meetings. The key worker service supports the key worker to make sure that the meetings are useful and that the key worker can concentrate on supporting the family. This includes helping with chairing and with the meeting organisation and administration.

For further information please contact Clare Draper – Key Worker Service Coordinator tel 01603 508968 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday)

When office is not staffed leave a message and your call will be returned.

Email: clare.draper@nchc.nhs.uk

How is a key worker multiagency planning meeting organised?

The family will be asked their views about which professionals they think should be at the meetings, where they should be held and what they feel needs to be discussed.

The key worker service asks the professionals to provide written information summaries ahead of the meetings. Some professionals might not need to come to the meeting, but could still be asked to send in a summary. The family can also complete a summary if they wish. The summaries are then sent to everyone, including the family, so that everyone has a chance to get ready for the meeting.

This is how it works: 

  • The key worker service administrator will send out invitations as agreed with the family/key worker, asking for written information summaries with a deadline for getting them back
  • The key worker and the family will discuss and decide on the issues or priorities and will let the key worker service coordinator know that these need to be on the meeting agenda
  • An agenda and the summaries will be sent round before the meeting. If no key worker is in place, the family could ask the co-ordinator to look through the summaries with them

What happens after the meeting?

  • The Administrator and Co-ordinator will aim to write up the Family Service Plan within two weeks and will send a copy to the family and all professionals.  Alternatively the key worker will give a copy to the family and will let the co-ordinator know if any changes should be made.
  • The professionals, key worker and family will carry out their agreed parts of the Family Service Plan
  • The key worker will give support and advice to the family, keeping professionals and family up to date. This includes checking on the progress of the actions agreed on the Family Service Plan.

How is a key worker multiagency review meeting arranged?

  • NB The key worker service will support meetings every six months or longer. If a meeting is needed sooner, support is by negotiation.
  • The key worker co-ordinator or administrator will contact the key worker four to six weeks before the agreed date of the next multiagency meeting to check the arrangements (who needs to be invited, where and when)
  • Alternatively, if the family needs to change the arrangements, the key worker will inform the co-ordinator
  • The invitations will be sent out, summaries collected and paperwork sent out distributed as for the planning meeting 

What happens at the Review Meeting?

  • The actions on previous Family Service Plan will be looked through, to see what has happened and been done since the last meeting
  • Information will be shared, as at the planning meeting
  • The views of the child will be included
  • A new Plan will be discussed, agreed and put in place
  • If a new key worker is needed, this can be discussed as part of the meeting and/or a new key worker introduced
  • Arrangements will be made for the next review

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