Children's Continence Service - Central

What is the service?

  • Provided by Norfolk Community Health and Care (NCHC) NHS Trust.
  • For children and young people under 18 years (19 if attending a special school) who require support with bladder and / or bowel difficulties.
  • Works closely with the child / young person and their parents / carers, as well as other involved professionals where appropriate.  Children’s Continence Clinics are accessible throughout the county on a regular basis.

An assessment will be completed by a trained children’s continence nurse and a plan of care developed to meet any identified needs.

Care and support are offered around: toileting, supply of containment products (criteria apply), daytime wetting, night time wetting, constipation, soiling, general advice and information.

The child / young person should have a GP from within North Norfolk, Norwich, South Norfolk or West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Groups (this service is not commissioned for the Great Yarmouth area).

How to contact us

The Children’s Continence service is based in King’s Lynn at:

Children’s Continence Service
Exton’s Road
King’s Lynn
PE30 5NU

Telephone: 01553 668511

How to refer to us

For constipation / soiling, day or night time wetting, the referral needs to come via the child’s GP.   All our referrals should come via a referral form.

Referrals for toileting support or supply of products can come from a healthcare, educational or social care professional.

Re-referrals will be accepted from parents.

Additional resources

We will often direct families to the following websites for additional resources to support their child’s needs:

Bladder and Bowel UK
Helpline: 0161 607 8219

Helpline: 0845 370 8008


How does the service change between Children’s Services and Adult Services?

Children are transferred into the appropriate locality team for adult continence care once they reach 18 or 19 years of age (depending on the educational environment they are accessing at this time). The adult teams are known as:

The Curlew Team – South Locality

The Kingfisher Team – Norwich Locality

The Avocet Team – North Locality

The Teal Team - West Locality 

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