Health visiting service

Norfolk Children and Young People’s Health Services deliver a health visiting service across Norfolk for 0-5 year-olds.

Health visitors work with with GPs, Children’s Centres and community services. Every GP practice and Children’s Centre has a named health visitor. 

Health visitors deliver health services and provide information and advice to children and families in their area, based on their needs. 

All families with a child age 0-5 years-old, are offered the health visiting service and should be aware who their health visitor is.

How to contact a health visitor

There is just one number. Call health visiting services on 0300 300 0123.

How to refer to a health visitor for advice or support

Families can refer themselves, as can GPs and other agencies with the family's consent.

How does the service change between children’s services and adult services?

This isn't applicable. The health visiting service is only for 0-5 year-olds.

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