Norfolk key worker service

Who is the service for?

The child/young person must meet all of the following criteria

  1. The child or young person will:
    Have complex health needs - these children/young people have severe health conditions requiring ongoing health intervention and need support to carry out activities of daily living
    Have a high level of need - these children/young people have a severe learning and/or physical disability and need support to carry out activities of daily living
    The child or young person will already see at least three specialist health or care professionals from at least two different agencies (organisations). These professionals may include a therapist, social worker or a home visitor from organisations such as Norfolk County Council Children’s Services (Education or Social Care), NHS children’s services, housing services or voluntary services.
  2. The child should have a GP from within one of the central Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Groups – North Norfolk, South Norfolk, Norwich.
  3. The child or young person will be aged 0-18 years, or up to 19 if in a complex needs school
  4. The parents/carers/young person must have clearly expressed that they wish to have a key worker.

Please note: we are not commissioned to provide services for those with GPs in Gt Yarmouth and Waveney

How to contact us

Key worker service coordinator: Clare Draper 01603 508968

How to refer to us

Anyone can refer from any agency, and parents/carers can also refer. 
Referrals for the initial assessment need to be made via our Single Point of Referral office. Tel: 01603 505 581.

See further information on referrals.

How does the service change between children’s services and adult services?

There is no adult key worker service.

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