Community children's occupational therapy service - Central Norfolk

Who is the service for?

This service is provided by Norfolk Community Health and Care (NHS).

Referrals are accepted for children 0-18 years (up to 19 years if still in a maintained complex needs school) who have a difficulty carrying out activities of daily living, eg feeding, dressing, toileting, play related to a physical disability or coordination difficulty (suspected or diagnosed DCD).

Children will have a GP in North Norfolk, Norwich and South Norfolk CCGs (Thetford GP practices are covered by the OT team at Bury St Edmunds).

For occupational therapy services provided for other parts of Norfolk:

How to contact us?

Children’s Occupational Therapy
Norwich Community Hospital
Bowthorpe Road
Tel: 01603 506535

Visit the NHS Children's Occupational Therapy website.

How to refer to us?

Referrals into the service must be made by a health professional for the initial assessment via our single point of referral office, telephone 01603 505 581 

Although referral form is preferred referral method, referral by letter is possible as long as it includes the following information:

  • Child and family details
  • Information re school/pre-school
  • Full description of concerns and support already given or in place
  • Names of other professionals involved

How does the service change between children’s services and adult services?

Once a young person is 18, they will need to be seen by an OT working with adults. These can usually be accessed by their GP but different services may have different referral processes.

Young people who are active to Children’s OT at their 18th birthday will have their OT needs transferred to the appropriate adult OT team.

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