Pre-school liaison groups

What is a pre-school liaison group?

A pre-school liaison group is a group of multidisciplinary senior staff who either work for us or the NHS. They work together to help ensure that families who have children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) age 0-5, get the necessary support to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The clinicians currently invited to the group are:

  • Senior occupational therapist
  • Community paediatrician (health)
  • Psychologist (health)
  • Senior paediatric physiotherapist (health)
  • Sensory support practitioner (education)
  • Specialist health visitor (health)
  • Speech and language therapist (health)
  • Norfolk portage service practitioner (education)
  • Disability coordinator (education)
  • Children’s community nurse (health)

Why are there pre-school liaison groups?

Under the Children and Families Act 2014, there is a specific duty for health practitioners to let us know about any children age 0-5, who may have SEND. We can then consider whether an assessment is necessary and plan appropriate services for the future. The pre-school liaison group is an ideal forum to gather this information, so it can be passed on to us.

Referrals to the group

Referrals will be made to the group after a professional has had a discussion with the parents/carers, and they agree that their child has, or is likely to have, SEND.

How can the pre-school liaison group help parents?

The aims of the pre-school liaison group are:

  • To ensure families have appropriate support and services, especially with regard to transfer into school
  • To inform us of pre-school children with SEND requirements

Can parents attend the group?

Families are not invited to attend the group. This is because we discuss a large number of children each meeting. However, prior to the meeting where your child is discussed, you will receive a questionnaire to complete. You can let us know if you have any specific areas of concern, and we will write to you following the meeting with any outcome and answers to your questions.

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