Speech and language therapy service

Norfolk County Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups for Norwich, North, South and West Norfolk have jointly commissioned East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) to deliver the speech and language therapy service for children and young people aged 0-19 across Norfolk.

The service divides speech, language and communication needs into three tiers:


This level of service focuses on the needs that all children have to ensure they develop their speech language and communication potential. It enables others to provide communication rich environments and supports individuals to know when a referral to speech and language therapy is needed.


This level of service focuses on the needs some children have to ensure that their difficulties are supported. We will enable others to support your child’s specific needs. A therapist will ensure that the right level of support is given.


This level focuses on the children who need the specialist skills of a speech and language therapist to ensure that their needs are supported.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where will my child be seen?
A. Your child may be seen at home, nursery or school. The aim of this is to move away from the clinic setting as evidence shows it is more beneficial for the child or young person to be supported in this way. It means they don’t need to be taken out of school, nursery etc for half a day to attend an appointment and therefore minimises disruption to their education and learning. It also means we see them in familiar surroundings where they feel more comfortable.

Q. Who will work with my child?
A. Under this model we aim for the main adults who work with your child on a regular basis to be actively supporting their individual communication needs. They will also be supported by, and have access to, a speech and language therapist or speech and language therapy support worker if needed.

Q. How will I contact the service if I need support?
A. There is one telephone number: 01493 809977 as well as an advice line. There is also information on the ECCH website.

Q. Will my child receive therapy?
A. Yes, depending on the level of need. This may happen in schools or other educational settings through trained staff or directly from a member of our team, as appropriate.

Q. How often will my child be seen?
A. This will depend on their level of need. We will discuss this with you.