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Community learning disability ADHD nurses

What is a community learning disability ADHD nurse?

Children’s ADHD nurses and the family support workers provide a variety of services that aim to enable children with attention deficits to live ordinary lives. This can include:

  • Pre-diagnostic observation
  • Post diagnostic information
  • Reviewing consultant community paediatrician-prescribed medication
  • Direct work with children and their families with regards to emotional wellbeing

The team works closely with all partner professionals involved as part of the team around the child including safeguarding interventions.

Children and young people can be seen in a variety of settings, for example at home, in school or college, but predominantly in clinics.

The nursing element of the ADHD and community psychology service comprises of qualified nurses and family support workers.

Is the role known by different names in children’s services and adult services?

There is no service for adult ADHD.

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