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Personal health budgets

What is a personal health budget?

A personal health budget (PHB) is an amount of money from the NHS allocated to meet your health and wellbeing needs if you are eligible to receive it.  You will be able to plan your care and use your budget to buy services and equipment that best meet your needs and help you maintain your independence.

The aim of a personal health budget is to give you choice, flexibility and control over how your health and well-being needs are met.

The amount of money you receive is calculated on an assessment of your needs. You will know how much money you have and be helped to develop a care support plan setting out how you will use your personal health budget to support your health and wellbeing needs.

Your support plan and budget will need to be approved by the Clinical Commissioning Group responsible for the area where you live.

Should a personal health budget be granted, regular reviews will take place and the changing health needs will be considered to reflect this, especially when transferring from children to adult services.

Who is eligible for a personal health budget?

Under NHS (Direct Payments) Regulations 2013:

have the right to have a personal health budget, including a direct payment. 

You don’t have to have a personal health budget if you don’t want one – it’s completely voluntary.

How to find out more about personal health budgets in Norfolk

Personal health budgets across Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are being developed further following changes in legislation.

To view your area’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) offer and progress, please follow the link to the CCG website that your GP surgery is a member of.

You will also find contact information should you want more information or to speak to someone about whether personal health budgets might be right for you.

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