Clinical psychologist

What is the role of the clinical psychologist?

Clinical psychologists offer a range of services for children and young people.  Clinical psychologists work with children when there are concerns about their development, their behaviour, their mental health and their relationships.

Clinical psychologists can do different things to help such as: 

  • Assessments: neuropsychological, diagnostic, behaviour that challenges and mental health.
  • Formulation: a psychological way of understanding the child’s needs and how things have become difficult for them and/or their family.  This tells clinical psychologists what help is needed to improve things for the child. 
  • Interventions: this might be talking therapies, such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), attachment based therapies, mental health interventions (such as for trauma, anxiety etc.), behaviour interventions, working with parents and working with others around the child’s needs.

Sometimes clinical psychologists work directly with the child but sometimes it is better to work with other people to help them to enable the child.  This might include nurses, psychiatrist, teachers, social workers, assistant psychologists, to support them in supporting children and young people.

Is the role known by different names in children’s services and adult services?


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