Health visitor

What is the role of the health visitor?

A health visitor is a qualified nurse or midwife who has special training in child health.  They give help, advice and practical support to families about the care of children under five.  This may include sleep patterns, feeding, behaviour and safety.  The health visitor will check that the child is growing and developing as expected.  Where a child has additional needs they may be part of a team of professionals working to support the child and family.

Is this service for my child?

All families with a child under five years can have a named health visitor. In Norfolk you must be registered with a general practitioner (GP) or live within Norfolk.  Referrals can be made by parents/carers themselves or other professionals.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development aged 0-5, you should speak to your health visitor.  If you do not have a named health visitor you can request one or speak to your general practitioner (GP).

If your child is under five and does not attend a pre-school setting you should talk to your health visitor.  If your child attends a pre-school setting, you could also speak to your child’s key person.

Who do they work for?

Health visitors across Norfolk work for Children and Young People’s Health Services (part of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust)

How can I contact them?

All our services can now be accessed through just one number – 0300 300 0123.

For more information visit Norfolk health visiting.

Is the role known by different names in children’s services and adult services?

Health visitors do not have different names, however, the health visiting team also includes nursery nurses.

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