Specialist children's continence nurse

What is the role of the specialist children’s continence nurse?

The specialist children’s continence nurse is a registered nurse who is registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) and who has completed additional training in children’s bladder and bowel care. The specialist children’s continence nurse is qualified to work with children, young people and families and is supported in their role by children’s nurses.

The specialist children’s continence nurse works with children and young people who are experiencing difficulties with their bladder and/or bowel. The aim is to help children and young people to achieve continence where possible, to support them to achieve a good quality of life and to avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital. Where full continence is unlikely to be achieved, they aim to support children and families to manage their condition to enable them to access the opportunities available to them.

They work with all children and young people including those with special educational needs, disability and complex health difficulties. They deliver care mainly in the clinic setting but where appropriate will support children and young people in a variety of settings such as home or school.

Is the role known by different names in children’s services and adult services?

When young people turn 18 (19 if attending a special school), their continence care needs will be transferred into the adult continence community service, managed by health and commissioned across the four Norfolk localities as follows:

The Curlew Team – South Locality

The Kingfisher Team – Norwich Locality

The Avocet Team – North Locality

The Teal Team - West Locality 

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