Systemic family psychotherapist

What is the role of the systemic family psychotherapist?

Systemic family therapy is a type of talking therapy (psychotherapy) which is carried out by Systemic family psychotherapists who are trained in this approach.

They work with children and young people when there are concerns about their behaviour, their psychological needs and/or their relationships with others.

This therapy focuses on the way in which children and young people interact and relate to each other.  It thinks about the “system” which means the people in the young person’s life (siblings, parents etc) and how all of this is working or not working as well as it could.

The therapy helps children and their families to think about and solve problems together, to improve communication and relationships.

Systemic family psychotherapists work as the lead for a therapy team of people to support the family in therapy.  Families will be invited to hear about how the therapy sessions work, what will happen in the sessions and what the different members of the therapy team do.

Consultation to partner professionals is also available  

Is the role known by different names in children’s services and adult services?


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