Local Authority medical needs coordinator

What is the role?

Every Local Authority is required to have a named person responsible for the education of children with additional health needs. Within Norfolk, this role is fulfilled by the Medical Needs Coordinator.

The Medical Needs Coordinator is responsible, in liaison with schools and professionals, for ensuring that Norfolk County Council Children’s Services fulfils its statutory duties in relation to medical needs provision for children and young people who cannot attend school for medical reasons and therefore require alternative educational provision.

View the Local Authority Medical Needs Statement

Who is the service for?

Parents can contact the Medical Needs Coordinator in order to discuss their child’s specific circumstances relating to medical needs provision. This may be particularly appropriate in instances where they feel their child’s medical needs are not currently being addressed.

Schools can contact the Medical Needs Coordinator in order to obtain support, advice and guidance in relation to medical needs provision, both generally and in relation to specific cases.

The Medical Needs Coordinator will also liaise with professionals and colleagues within both health and education as appropriate in order to ensure children with additional health needs are able to access a suitable education.

Who do they work for?

The Medical Needs Coordinator is employed by Norfolk Children’s Services.

Contact the Medical Needs Coordinator.

Norfolk County Council’s named person is Sam Bartram, Medical Needs Coordinator. His working days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and alternate Mondays.

Contact Address: Professional Development Centre (Norwich), 144 Woodside Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 9QL

Contact Telephone Number: 01603 223609

Medical Needs Newsletter

This is a new occasional publication aimed at bringing to light any updates or key information relating to medical needs provision and practice within Norfolk. This will be of particular interest to Headteachers, Governors, SENCOs or any other staff responsible for medical needs within schools, and contains links to relevant guidance that schools should be aware of relating to medical needs.