Advice from health professionals

As part of the EHC needs assessment, we may ask health colleagues to give statutory advice about health care provision reasonably required by the learning difficulties or disabilities which result in the child or young person having special educational needs.

Each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) decides which services it will provide to meet the reasonable health needs of the children and young people with SEN or disabilities for whom it is responsible.

Find out more about health services in Norfolk and the NHS Core Provision Offer to schools.

The health care provision specified in section G of the EHC plan must be agreed by the CCG (or where relevant, NHS England).

Writing advice for the local authority

When giving advice as part of the EHC needs assessment and plan development process about a child or young person’s needs and the provision appropriate to meet them, health colleagues should be clear about:

  • The health needs to be met and the outcomes to be achieved
  • What type of health care provision is required, who will provide it and how often

Health colleagues can refer to the Norfolk Information for Evidence Writers for principles and practical advice about writing outcomes-focused advice for EHC needs assessments) and the Guidance for health practitioners inputting into education, health and care plans that relate to health needs, and health provision required to access education to see a diagram about the process.

We ask health colleagues to use the Norfolk Suffolk Health Advice Form to give statutory advice as part of the EHCP needs assessment process.

Returning advice to the local authority

Request for existing information

When NHS commissioned health organisations and the practitioners who work for them in Norfolk receive a request for existing health information from us they should follow their own internal process.

The existing information should be returned to our SEN Operational Support Team using the secure email address:

Request for statutory health advice as part of an EHC needs assessment

When NHS commissioned health organisation and the practitioners who work for them in Norfolk receive a request for statutory health advice for an Education, Health and Care needs assessment this should be returned to the locality team coordinating the assessment:

Instructions to return all types of information/advice will also be included in the letter requesting the information/advice.

Please read carefully to ensure the information reaches the appropriate email address.

Quality assurance of health advice

All health providers submitting advice to the local authority will be expected to use the Suffolk Norfolk Quality Checklist Tool to audit a 20% sample twice a year and submit results to the Designated Clinical Officer for SEND.