One page profiles

A one-page profile is a simple summary of what is important to someone and how they want to be supported. It can help you to provide them with more person-centred care and support to progress and achieve their goals.

A one-page profile captures all the important information about a person on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings:

  • What people appreciate about me
  • What’s important to me
  • How best to support me

A one-page profile can be created for anyone of any age from pre-schoolers to adults to help those working with them to understand them better by giving family, friends, staff or colleagues an understanding of the person and how best to support them. Take a look at the adult guide to one page profile to see how they can help you to gain a greater understanding of how to support the child or young person.

Watch the videos to find out more about how the one page profile was introduced in a Norris Bank Primary School and Manchester Grammar School for Boys.

Download templates

There are blank one-page profile templates on Sheffield City Council’s Sheffkids website or you can develop your own school version.