Play or learn online

There are many fun things you can do with your computer, console or phone if you are connected to the internet (this is called going online). 

You could:

  • Play games

  • Find information using search websites like Google or Bing

  • Send messages to friends and family using emails or using social media websites like Facebook or Twitter

  • Listen to your favourite music or watch videos on websites like iTunes or YouTube

  • Talk to friends or family using Skype
  • Go shopping. Sometimes the best deals are available online

  • Pay bills or manage your bank account. This is called online banking

Being safe online

Download an easy read guide to internet safety (pdf)

It is really important to stay safe online so remember:

  • Be careful who you chat to. You never really know who you are talking to online

  • Be careful about sharing information about yourself or sending photos of yourself
  • Keep your passwords a secret
  • Keep your bank details a secret. Especially if someone asks for these details in an email
  • If someone makes you feel scared or uncomfortable online, tell someone you trust

There are organisations that can help you stay safe online:

  • BullyingUK - advice on what to do if you are being bullied on social media
  • ChildLine - advice on online bullying and keeping your devices safe
  • SaferNet - advice for staying safe online if you have learning disabilities

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