Other things to think about

Keeping your house clean

Hoovering, dusting, washing your clothes and making your bed.  These are just some of the things that you may need to learn how to do. 

Our homes also need to be healthy, so it is good to know how to prevent germs from spreading.



Food hygiene

Who do you want to live with?

You do not want your new home to be a lonely experience, especially if you find it hard to make new friends.

So your first step into living away from the family home, could be done as a small group of friends living together.

It can be really good living with a small group of friends, but living with a friend can be very different.  Having the chance to live together for short periods of time can help you and the group decide:

  • if you would like to live together
  • Which household jobs you will need to share
  • What house rules you might like to put in place and
  • What support you might need

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